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Welcome to the website of GSD

Global System Development, in short named GSD, was founded in 2006 when two former Instromet colleagues decided to go their own direction. With over a decade of experience in the design and development of software applications for industrial installations, GSD offers a wide range of services, from consultancy or third party inspection to electrical engineering, software development, service and commissioning on both onshore and offshore industrial installations.

HandsGSD operates as an independent identity and can therefore provide the flexibility to integrate specifically selected products to match the customer’s needs instead of ‘forcing’ the customer to use one specific brand. This in close cooperation and with an honest and clear communication to our customers, to rule out any misunderstandings as is becoming more and more a habit in the current engineering environment.

With an experience of over seven years in fiscal metering projects worldwide, GSD is a well trusted partner in supporting customers with software development (Scada and PLC), Electrical and Instrumentation engineering, start-up and commissioning and site supervision for energy related projects.

As from early 2009, GSD is proud to invite customers to a new office in Wuustwezel, Belgium, providing the best facilities for meetings, conditioned storage and in-house Factory Acceptance Testing in a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere.